Have a product range to promote? You can use the Studio Level 11 space to capture it!
We have a versatile range of clients who use the Studio Level 11 photography studio in Athens to capture their products in the best way possible.It’s essential to have high-quality photos to help sell your products. It's a fact that most people won't purchase an item they see online, or in a catalogue, if the image displayed is poor quality.
We welcome all industries to use our studio to create a fantastic collection of photo and video content for their range of products. Whether you're launching a new clothing brand, releasing a new shoe collection, have a variety of gadgets to sell on your eCommerce store.
Your Product Shoot


Our studio has everything you need and more to create a fantastic collection of images for your product range.


Are you looking to photograph your products with a blank white background? Need to capture your range as a flat lay? We have you covered!


At Studio Level 11, we have a range of different furniture accessories which you can utilise for your product shoot, including stands, booms, still life tables, and more.


If you’re looking to capture your products in a more natural environment, our Athens-based studio space has lots of natural light. You'll be able to shoot your product range in a real-life setting to give your customers an additional perspective on how your products will look.

Equipment We Use

to capture each photo with precision.We use full frame Canon cameras to capture each shot with precision, a range of modifiers, and Broncolor lighting equipment — the world’s leading professional photography lighting brand.Once we've captured all of your images, we'll upload them on to our editing suite. Using the latest editing software —including

Adobe® Photoshop CC and Adobe®

Lightroom CC— we're able to retouch and edit all of your photos to achieve the perfect finish.

Who We Work With


We work with a vast range of clients who are looking to upgrade their portfolio with a new collection of portraits. Many of our clients include:fashion models, dancers, actors and designer brands.We help each client from start to finish by curating a fantastic collection of photos. We can also assist you in creating a portfolio book — which they can use for auditions, job applications, or for any other project.

Why Work With Us?

Our studio is in a prime location — the heart of Athens, Greece. Located close to primary transport links, Studio Level 11 is easy to access.You’ll be able to take full advantage of the studio space by customising it to your taste. We can also help you take full advantage of the beautiful city of Athens — using the cityscape to create unique outdoor content for your portfolio.We have years of experience helping hundreds of clients create a stunning portrait or fashion portfolio.The diversity of clients we've worked with at Studio Level 11 has led us to provide every client with the best service possible — regardless of your project. We take into consideration the exact results you want to achieve with your portfolio. We’ll be able to provide you with professional guidance on how you can best meet the results you want.


Studio Level 11, 2nd Floor Marni 11, 104 33, Athens, Greece


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