Here at Studio Level 11, we photograph many different types of jewelry. Wedding rings. Gemstone bracelets. Necklaces. Earrings. Designer wristwatches. Using our years of expertise, we’re able to capture every piece in your jewelry collection at it’s best.
We have years of experience working closely with a wide range of different clients operating in the jewelry industry, including designer brands, independent jewelers, and horologists.
Working closely with a wide range of clients from many different sectors of the jewelry industry, we know precisely how to create stunning content. Including content for websites, social media campaigns, and sales catalogues.
What We Can Provide
We're able to use our professional tools and skillset to assist you in capturing your jewelry collection at its best. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure you're collection is portrayed beautifully.
Using a combination of professional cameras and the world’s best lighting equipment, we will be able to photograph each piece of jewelry at its best.
We understand that every piece of jewelry is delicate. Using our years of expertise in jewelry photography, we can ensure that every piece is captured with precision to display every detail in high definition.
Our attention to detail is excellent. Once we have photographed all the pieces from your collection, we will upload them in our professional editing suit. Here, we can give each photograph the final touches they need to make every clasp, carat, and gemstone sparkle.
White Background Shots
White background shots are probably the most popular and most requested form of photography required by our clients at Studio Level 11. Using a crisp white background, we'll be able to help you curate a fantastic collection of images that perfectly display your jewelry collection.
White background shoots are perfect for clients who are looking to creating product catalogues — both physical and digital.
Modelled Shoots
If you’re looking to have your jewelry modelled, we can assist you in finding the ideal candidates who specialise in different areas of modelling.
We work with a variety of specialist models, including hand, neck, ear, and wrist models.
Using specific techniques, we can capture each piece of your jewelry collection in a way that helps demonstrate the true beauty of each piece when worn.
We can organise everything you need — including specialist models — to help bring your jewelry collection to life.
Why Work With Us?
Our studio is in a prime location — the heart of Athens, Greece. Located close to primary transport links, Studio Level 11 is easy to access.You’ll be able to take full advantage of the studio space by customising it to your taste. We can also help you take full advantage of the beautiful city of Athens — using the cityscape to create unique outdoor content for your portfolio.We have years of experience helping hundreds of clients create a stunning portrait or fashion portfolio.The diversity of clients we've worked with at Studio Level 11 has led us to provide every client with the best service possible — regardless of your project. We take into consideration the exact results you want to achieve with your portfolio. We’ll be able to provide you with professional guidance on how you can best meet the results you want.

Studio Level 11, 2nd Floor Marni 11, 104 33, Athens, Greece


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