Contemporary. Ballroom. Ballet. Jazz. Modern. Here at Studio Level 11, we have the expertise using our studio to capture all styles of dance.Dance is a massive part of our work. When working with our dance clients, we aim to photograph each movement with precision — capturing the elegance and passion displayed by the dancer in every single shot.
Capturing Each Movement With Precision
It's vital to us that we ensure all movements — from every style of dance — are photographed precisely in the way you want them to look.

We use the most advanced cameras and editing tools. Meaning you can have the freedom to perform each dance with the knowledge that every move will be portrayed exactly how you envisioned.

We have experience in working with dancers — enabling us to perfectly time each shot to capture every move at its peak.
Creating Your Dance Portfolio @ Studio Level 11
We use a huge range of high-end, industry-standard equipment

Creating a flawless collection of images for your dance portfolio is made easy for you at our photography studio in Athens. You will be able to fully utilise the 150m² space to generate content for all styles of dance.


The 80m² main area will provide you with all the room you’ll need to perform any style of dance. With high ceilings, you’ll also have the freedom to perform various lifts with your dance partner.We have years of expertise in dance photography. We'll be able to guide you throughout the creation of your dance portfolio — so you can get the most out of every shoot at our studio.


We understand that dance is more than just a sequence of movements — it’s an art form. Using our professional editing suite, we will help you create multiple-layered images that correctly display the actions of each performance in sequence. Once we’ve captured all the images we need, we’ll then begin to help you create a diverse dance portfolio book. We'll edit each photograph to make them look flawless.

Customise The Space To Suit You

We can rearrange the studio to your specification. If you need more space for your dance routine or you'd like to customise the setting to capture the art of your dance in its full glory.


We provide a huge range of lighting equipment and props. We'll be able to produce effects that correctly display the energy, drama, and elegance of each dance performance — enabling you to create a stunning unique portfolio.

Dance — Captured In The Heart Of Athens
Our studio is in a prime location — the heart of Athens, Greece.

Χάρη στην κεντρική τοποθεσία του Studio Level 11, μπορούμε να βγούμε έξω στην πόλη και να εκμεταλλευτούμε τον καμβά του αστικού τοπίου.

Thanks to Studio Level 11's prime location, we can also venture out into Athens taking advantage of the city’s vibe and landmark locations.


We can guide you around the city to various locations to capture the beauty of your dance while utilising the cityscape to create stunning backdrops.


Here are some examples of how we capture dance photography in Athens.

Our Passion For Dance
In dance, every movement has a meaning. Here at Studio Level 11, we're passionate about combining the art of dance and photography. We aim to produce the best images possible — making your dance portfolio both flawless and iconic.
We have years of expertise in dance photography. We can ensure that you'll be overwhelmed with the results that we're able to achieve for your dance portfolio.

Studio Level 11, 2nd Floor Marni 11, 104 33, Athens, Greece


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