Studio Level 11

founded in 2016
by professional photographer and studio manager, Yannis Antypas, is a large, multi-use photography studio and event space. Conveniently located in the heart of Athens, Greece — close to all major public transport networks and near the city’s most popular tourist attractions — our studio is the perfect place to capture excellent indoor and outdoor content.

What We Can Offer

Not only do we hire out our vibrant studio space, but we can also offer a wide range of services.
These include photography, image editing, and portfolio book creation.With years of experience in the photography industry, we can ensure you'll leave with a fantastic, professional portfolio of images for your project.
            Whether you’re looking to update your modelling portfolio or creating a catalogue for your latest product
collection, we capture every image with perfect precision. Studio Level 11 can also be completely transformed to suit your specifications. We work closely with a team of professional designers and decorators who can tailor the studio space for your project.
We also offer the latest, high-end professional photography equipment — including cameras, modifiers, and elite-level lighting — to ensure every photo or video is flawless.

Why Choose Us?

Set in a prime location — the city of Athens — our studio is spacious, bright, and perfect for all types of photography.Withconvenient transport connections, the studio is also the perfect place to host events, including product launches, fashion displays, and business conferences. With years of experience photographing for multiple industries, we guarantee that we can provide the best service possible — for any project type.

The Studio

The 150m², specially designed studio space is perfect for all photographic and video purposes. With an 80m² main area which can hold up to 100 people standing and 60 people sitting, the studio is also perfect for events — including fashion displays and small business conferences.


  Studio Level 11 also has a dedicated makeup station, a fully equipped kitchen, a relaxation/changing area, post-production editing suite, as well as free Wi-Fi and parking for all customers.The studio space is also graced with lots of natural daylight, plus built-in blackout shutters if you require them.We also have a spacious balcony area for those of you who want to capture content in an outdoor setting.


Who We Work With


          At Studio Level 11, we've worked with a wide variety of clients from many different industries, including photographers, cinematographers, video producers, dancers, models, fashion designers, marketing teams, high-end catering companies, event organisers, and many more.


Working with clients from so many different backgrounds means we have vast amounts of experience in consistently delivering the best quality, professional service, precisely tailored to your every need. We can guarantee that Studio Level 11 has everything you need, and more, to make your content look incredible. Whether you're looking to shoot your new product range, capture styled photos for your portfolio, create a dance portfolio book, or promote your latest fashion line.




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